Why do Pakistani Students Like to Study in Australia?

Australia is one of the few countries which understands cricket. From the lovely beaches to the lovely, picturesque views of Sydney Harbour, Australis is a destination worth paying a visit. One of the best ways to experience Australia is as a student. Not only will you be able to build a strong career and realise a lot of your ambitions, but you will also be able to enjoy one of the world’s best destinations for Pakistani students.  

In 2021 Australia managed to sustain its 12th position as one the worlds happiest places. The country not only offers its residents a lot of great facilities but also provides a lot of quality access to the students who decide to make Australia their home during their higher education. Australis is a brilliant destination in terms of living standards as it is home to six of the ten most liveable cities in the world. Pakistani students who plan to study STEM fields are going to love Australis due to their favourable visa and migration policies towards these fields, especially engineering.

One of the major benefits of studying in Australia is the language, yes English is a major advantage for Pakistani students in Australia. Most Pakistani students are usually proficient in English, and due to the fact that Australia is an English-speaking nation settling in Australia is not going to be an issue. Finding yourself a part time job as a student is also easier when compared to Europe, largely due to absence of a language barrier. When selecting where to study a lot Pakistani students do not consider the language aspects and this is something that needs to be considered when making a decision on where to land.

Another aspect is the availability of universities. Each Australian region and city is home to high class institutes which enjoy healthy rankings on the world stage. These institutes offer a wide variety of programs which can help students from Pakistan realise their dreams and help them develop careers they can be proud of. Nearly 40 universities operate within Australia which makes studying in Australia for Pakistani students a convenient affair. The admission policies of the institutes are straightforward making Australia one of the most favourable destinations for Pakistani students.

Along with access to quality academics, Australian universities are well funded and provide brilliant facilities to their pupils. These universities make study in Australia for Pakistani students an enjoyable and extremely fruitful experience. During the entire stay in Australia Pakistani students will not once think they are receiving poor quality infrastructure or education services. 

Of course, there are plenty of difficulties that can come up in a foreign country. Australis might be an amazing English-speaking place with a healthy economy and brilliant universities, but at the end of the day it is still a strange land for Pakistani students in Australia. Below are some guidelines for Pakistani students in Australia:

Guidelines for Pakistani students for Study In Australia:

Halal food: Australia is one of the world’s largest exporters of halal meat, therefore it is very common for most Australian cities and areas to have certified Halal restaurants and grocery shops. A lot of fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and KFC also have certified Halal outlets. A major guideline for Pakistani students in Australia is to check the certifications for halal foods as they usually specify which menu items are halal and which are not.   

Hourly rate: Australia has one of the highest labour rates in the world. This is the reason it enjoys a high standard of living. A major problem with Pakistani students who go to study in Australia is they tend to violate working hour regulations on student visas. On a student visa you will be allowed to work only 20 hours a week. This means any additional hours you work is illegal and any documentation which proves this might result in deportation. A major guideline for Pakistani students who do study in Australia is that if you do work, please ensure you are working the 20 hours. A lot of students work on cash this allows them to work off the book and it also allows them to work more hours. This is illegal and being caught with this can result in deportation.

Possibilities of work visas and migration: Just like Canada Australia is one of the countries in the world which actively runs skilled visa migration programs. In other words, the Australian government makes a list of professions and academic qualifications which they need in Australia. These professions and degrees are able to attain temporary work visas and some even are eligible for permanent residency visas. Pakistani students who plan to go to Australia need to look at the lists to ensure they are allowed to stay in Australia after their degree is complete.   

Rent: A major part of the cost of living in Australia is the rent. It is one of the highest in the world, especially in Sydney. The rent is calculated on a weekly basis, and therefore for first timers the calculations and paying rent on time can be an issue if there is a mismanagement of funds. A major guideline for Pakistani students who do wish to study in Australia is to make sure they calculate the rent on a weekly basis, not only that it is advised that they also calculate other expenditures on a weekly basis as well. 

Australis is one of the top destinations for Pakistani students. Study in Australia should be a number one priority for students especially those who want to enrol in engineering programs. The country will not only provide you with quality higher education services but also with open doors to numerous career prospects, part time jobs and most of all it will help you enjoy one of the world’s healthiest economies and lifestyles.

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