Trending MS Programs in Australia

1- Computer & Information Systems Manager

Technology is a thriving industry with cutting-edge innovations like AI and machine learning. Computer systems managers ensure the company’s integrated IS system runs smoothly.

Such a position may be yours if you have a Master’s of Science in Business Analytics, which would pay up to $140,000 annually.

2- Architectural Manager

Architectural project managers keep an eye on a building project to make sure the plans adhere to environmental regulations and are structurally sound. A year’s salary of about $137k is possible.

A Master’s degree in engineering management is required.

3- Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum extraction is the domain of petroleum engineers. They oversee the installation, upkeep, and functioning of machinery.

You’ll make about $130,000 a year. You’ll require a Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering if you’re eager to go into this position.

4- Actuary

Risk and uncertainty are dealt with by actuaries. From property to casualty insurance, you can work in a variety of insurance fields.

Consider earning a Master of Science in Finance if statistics and math are your strong suits in order to acquire this well-paying position that will bring in $110,000 annually.

5- Financial Manager

You could work as a financial manager for businesses like banks or nonprofits. The financial stability of the organisation will be under your control.

In order to assure the company’s expansion, you will have the opportunity to analyse the financial statistics of the business.

You could get this job and make $125k a year with a Master’s of Science in Finance.

6- Data Scientist

These days, Big Data and integrated IT systems that cover the entire company are everything. By using analysis and visualisation, you’ll assist the business make sense of the data as a data scientist.

You’ll need a Master’s of Science in Computer Science and can anticipate a yearly income of about $100,000.

7- IT Security Architect

Cyberattacks pose a significant threat to organisations today, from XSS to DDOS attacks. You must develop a strong security system and stay one step ahead of hackers if you want to succeed as an IT security architect.

You could take up this position and make $125k annually with a Master’s in Computer Science.

8- Health Manager

Healthcare organisations have complex internal operations that call for specialised managers.

Health managers should be able to handle the varied demands of their roles, which range from generating budgets to preserving patient records and data.

You must have a Master of Science in Healthcare Management to be eligible. You could make about $98k.

9- Nurse Anaesthetist

An effective surgical procedure requires the assistance of nurse anaesthetists.

You’ll be part of activities like giving anaesthesia and managing the patient’s recovery.

You may expect to make $165k a year as an anaesthetist. You must have a Master of Science in Nursing in order to pursue this position, which requires advanced training.

10- Business Operations Manager

Managers of business operations guarantee a company’s profitability. As a result, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks, ranging from analysing the marketing plan of the company to managing its budget.

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