Why Study in Canberra? Study in the Australian Capital Territory

Canberra is a great option if you’re trying to decide which Australian city is best for international students. The national capital of Australia, Canberra, is one of the top destinations for international students because it is home to a number of top-notch educational institutions and research centres. Numerous international students are welcomed into the city, fostering a thriving cosmopolitan atmosphere. In the 2019 QS Best Student City Rankings, Canberra was rated 23rd worldwide.

So why should one go to Canberra to study? Here are the main justifications for choosing to attend school in Canberra, Australia.

  1. Australian Capital Territory
  2. Most liveable place in the country
  3. Most Educated city in Australia
  4. Safe city with low crime rates
  5. Clean & sustainable living
  6. Multicultural vibe
  7. Many options for leisure & entertainment
  8. Good connectivity
  9. Huge employment opportunities
  10. Plenty of on-campus accommodation

Now let us discuss the above points in detail:

  1. Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), a federal territory of Australia, is where Canberra is situated. Canberra, the capital city, is home to numerous notable national landmarks, including Parliament House, the High Court, the National Museum, and the National Library. The city is thoughtfully planned, with streets radiating out from Parliament House and an artificial lake.

  1. Most liveable place in Australia

Canberra is rated as the nation’s most livable city by the Daily Mail, a British publication. For the third year running, it has been named Australia’s best place to live.

The only Australian territory or state that is not close to the shore is Canberra, an interior metropolis. Canberra is also very attractive to international students since it provides a high standard of living at a cheap price.

  1. Most Educated in Australia

Because it has a significant university sector, Canberra is known as the most educated city in Australia. Compared to other areas, the city has a higher proportion of literate people. Students make up about 25% of the population. The city provides top-notch educational possibilities for overseas applicants due to the presence of top colleges and training facilities. Among Australia’s finest universities are Australian Catholic University and the University of Canberra. Graduates from these colleges may take advantage of a stay-back period of up to three years.

  1. Low crime rates

According to reports, when compared to other Australian cities, Canberra has the lowest crime rates. Even international students feel secure going out for fun and exploring the neighbourhood. Life in Canberra is safer for people because the city is home to numerous government organisations.

  1. Clean & sustainable living

One of the few well-planned, environmentally friendly cities in the world is Canberra. The city has a prohibition on plastic bags that are smaller than 35 microns. It is a very comfortable area to live because there is very little traffic and the air is clear and pollution-free. Mountains, farms, and forests are all lush green, and they all encircle the metropolitan skyline. Parks and nature reserves occupy about 53% of the city’s total land area.

  1. Multicultural 

The word “Canberry,” which signifies a “gathering place,” was the source of the city’s name. With around 25% of the population being foreign-born, Canberra truly embodies the spirit of the word “multicultural.” The three-day National Multicultural Festival, one of Australia’s largest celebrations of cultural variety, is held annually in the city. Students from other countries may easily meet and socialise with the locals because to the vibrant nightlife, bars, and clubs that are present.

  1. Many options for leisure & entertainment

You won’t run out of things to do in Canberra because the city often hosts sporting and entertainment events. Every type of individual may always find something to enjoy in the city. The fresh food markets, eateries, and breweries are great to explore if you’re a foodie. There are beautiful monuments, natural walks, libraries, museums, art galleries, and libraries all inside the city. The serene Lake Burley Griffin is a wonderful spot to relax or go biking. You can always go to the mountains or natural reserves that are close to the city if you adore the outdoors.

  1. Good connectivity

Sydney is only a 3-hour trip from Canberra. With direct flights to all Australian cities and a select number of other foreign locations, it is a well-connected city. There are several bike-friendly cafes and places to rent bicycles in Canberra, a city that encourages cycling. International students don’t need to worry about finding housing near the university; they can opt to remain a little farther away without having to worry about the commute. You can also reduce your fuel expenses by choosing to ride a bicycle. Compared to other larger Australian cities, the city experiences considerably less traffic.

  1. Huge employment opportunities

The universities in Canberra have a strong international reputation, and as a result, students who graduate from Canberra receive high recognition from businesses all over the world. Following graduation or post-graduation, they have the opportunity to investigate a wide range of interesting work options. International students can anticipate intriguing job options in the public and private sectors since Canberra is a welcoming city that welcomes visitors from various nations. The majority of graduates from Canberra-based universities succeed in landing lucrative jobs with high starting wages.

  1. Plenty of on-campus accommodation

More on-campus housing options are available in Canberra than in any other Australian city. 90% of Canberra’s undergraduate students will probably be able to secure housing on their various university campuses. These universities provide facilities that meet the highest international standards. Most international students who come to Canberra from Pakistan and other nations find it simple and convenient to settle down.

We sincerely hope that you found this essay about the benefits of studying in Canberra to be useful. Get in contact with our knowledgeable counsellors if you’re eager to experience life in Canberra by enrolling in a prestigious university. We can assist you in selecting the best course and assisting with the application process.

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