Guide To Engineering World For Curios Students

Most of us have met an engineer or know a friend or family member who does, but what exactly is it that engineers do? Engineers use scientific knowledge to create machines or products that help us make our daily life easier. That product can be as simple as a stool that people can use to sit on or a space rover that traveled to planet Mars. Almost everything that we see around us has been created by an engineer.

Why Study Engineering

If you are in the final year of high school and graduation is around the corner, the thought of choosing engineering as a career might have crossed your mind. It is a question that almost all of us asked ourselves in high school but only a few of us got the answer. No need to worry if you did not find your answer because we are here to answer it for you. A few key points are listed to get you interested.

  •       Engineering is one of the most respected professions around the world. People know the effort you had to put in to earn the title of engineer and the resulting respect is unmatched.
  •       It changes the way you think. It gives you the ability to critically evaluate problems and give a practical solution. You rely less on emotions and more on the information at hand.
  •       It will equip you with the skill set to accomplish almost any task, irrespective of the problem. You would have the ability to think of different ways to approach the solution.
  •       You will be one of the few people in the world that are creators rather than users. The feeling that you have created something that is used by millions of people around the world is amazing.
  •       With a high employability rate, it is easier for you to enter the job market if you have an engineering degree.
  •       The average annual income of a fresh engineering graduate is around $50,000 and as you gain more experience, this number only goes higher.

Types Of Engineering

Engineering itself is a very broad subject and it is easy to get confused when trying to choose a specific engineering program. We are here to help you to choose the subject of your preference by giving you a brief introduction to the most popular engineering programs.

  •       Electrical Engineering – Electrical engineers are involved with the design and development of technology that requires electrical components or electrical power e.g., microchips and processors. A related example would be a cell phone. Almost all the internal components of cell phones, laptops, and tablets are designed and developed by electrical engineers.
  •       Software Engineering – The use of technology in modern times and age is considered to be the most basic and essential skill to survive. From Android to iOS, Windows to Macintosh, MS paint to Adobe Photoshop, all are operating systems and software designed by software engineers. Software engineers design applications, software, and operating systems that can be used in a cell phone, computer, or security system. With a software engineering degree, the possibilities are limitless.
  •       Chemical Engineering – If you were interested in chemistry during your matriculation / O level or intermediate / A level education, chemical engineering might be a good choice. Chemical engineers deal with the biology and chemistry of different materials to produce useful products. They work across a variety of industries like paper, plastics, fertilizers, food, and the pharmaceutical industry. 
  •       Petroleum Engineering – Petroleum engineers, as the same suggests, work in the petroleum industry. They work with the extraction of crude oil and natural gas from under the surface of the earth. They usually work on remote sites and rigs that are far away from cities. Although the working environment might be challenging as compared to other engineering fields, they do enjoy handsome compensation and vacations for their hard work.
  •       Civil Engineering – From small homes and office buildings to huge skyscraper that stands thousands of feet above the ground are planned, designed, and manufactured by civil engineers. They build and develop the infrastructure of modern cities like roads, airports, hostels, etc.
  •       Mechanical Engineering – It is one of the oldest fields in engineering and is also known as the mother of engineering. Almost all the other engineering fields have been derived from Mechanical Engineering. Mechanical Engineers design and manufacture products of all size and shape that we use in our daily lives. The simplest mechanical inventions are the wheel and barrow mechanism and its complexity increased with time to invent cars, aeroplanes, windmills, etc.

Who Would Be Suitable for Engineering?

Now that you have some basic information about engineering, you are probably wondering if choosing engineering as a career is a suitable option. Let us make it clear for you, you do not need to be terrific at math to become a good engineer. A common misconception among students is that engineers need to be excellent at math. Although it is beneficial if you excel in math, it certainly is not a requirement. You just need to have basic numerical skills and a creative mindset to approach solutions.

Which Engineering Discipline to Choose?

Today there are many engineering disciplines to choose from and although some engineering disciplines overlap, others are completely different. The final decision of choosing a specific engineering field depends upon your personal choice and interest. You would probably have heard “if you love your job you will never work a day in your life”. So it is best to choose a profession that you are interested in and can easily connect to as you would never get bored and would always want to excel.

Future Prospects of Engineers

In the 21st century, engineers are in demand more than ever. They are required in almost every professional field and with the rapid technological change, the requirement of engineers is continuously increasing around the world. Engineers are extremely well paid and it is one of the most satisfying careers to pursue.

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