Study Dentistry Abroad

What is Dentistry?

Dentistry, also known as dental medicine, is one of the professional fields that gives you the title of a doctor after graduation. Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the oral hygiene of people which may include diagnosis and/or treatment. Dentists look after the oral cavity by treating mouth diseases and disfigurements of teeth, jaws, and gums. A dentist alone does not perform all these procedures on a patient but works as a team with nurses and dental assistants. Oral hygiene is an important part of our daily lives and dentists help people maintain and prolonge their oral health and hygiene and puts a smile on everyone’s faces.

Why Study Dentistry?

Dentistry, like many other noble professional fields, is a well-respected profession globally. It is one of the few professions in which you can directly treat people suffering from oral diseases. Dentists are one of the main reasons that we see smiling faces around us as dentists help their patients to improve their personalities and boost their self-confidence. There are numerous reasons as to why you should join a dental school for a dentistry degree, but we will cover a few reasons below:

  • High Salaries – There can be many reasons for choosing a profession but the most important or driving factors are the same i.e., passion, respect, and high salary. Salary plays an important role in choosing a profession as professionals have to remain in the same field for decades and practice the same routine over and over again. Therefore, one must either be passionate about their field, or it should be extremely well paid. If passion for a dentistry degree is not on your preference list, then a monetary compensation should be encouraging enough to think of a dental school.

Dentists are paid handsomely for their contribution to society, locally and internationally. Students who study dentistry abroad earn an average of $ 50,00 a year after completing their bachelor’s dental degree. A further speciality from dental universities can increase the salary bracket to more than $ 100,000 a year.

Western countries have mandatory medical insurance and health coverage for their citizens and the international workforce, but dental coverage is extremely rare. Dentists can utilize this opportunity to earn extra income. Also, dentists who complete their education in a western country and return to Pakistan after completion of their studies have high-income potential as there is a huge vacuum for internationally qualified dentists.

  • International Skills – After completing a degree in dentistry, you can directly start your medical practice by either joining a hospital or a clinic. It is one of the few professions in which you can start working independently without the need of a reputable firm or organization by opening your clinic. Although it may take time for you to earn a good reputation as a dentist, the opportunity is highly appreciable.

Since dentistry is concerned with the oral health care of people, its skillset is extremely transferable throughout the globe. You can easily move around to different countries and start working with any hospital. Since dentists only deal with oral human hygiene, their skills can be used in any country as the target market remains the same. You would need to clear an exam to be eligible to work in a foreign country but if you already have earned a dental degree, clearing an exam would be an easy task. Furthermore, different countries require different exams so choose your destination country carefully or else you will have to get prepared for different exams.

  • High Employment Ratio – Dentists have an extremely high employability ratio as compared to other professions. According to a recent survey, more than 95% of students have either been employed, started their own business, or have started further education six months after graduating from the top dentistry universities. This study suggests that students who opt for dental colleges do not have to worry about employment after graduation. This survey was conducted for students graduating from bachelor’s courses. Further specialization can lead to an even higher employment ratio and better salary structures.

Dental Degree Requirements

If you are considering pursuing a dentistry degree that you should be aware of the entry requirements for the program. If you have recently completed your intermediate or A-level exams, then this is the best time to apply to study dentistry abroad. Although, there is a small pre-requisite. Students should at least study biology or a subject related to biology in high school. Some other universities also require chemistry and physics as a prerequisite for admission in dental science. This is the only requirement for a bachelor’s dental degree even at the top dentistry universities.

Dental degree requirements for a master’s program are completely different. Unlike other professions such as engineering and management, you cannot directly switch your career or pursue a master’s program in another field. For a master’s or a higher degree in dentistry, a bachelor’s degree in dentistry is mandatory. So, in dentistry, people who have completed their bachelor’s degree in the field of dentistry can continue further education in this field. Other professionals cannot switch their careers and opt for a master’s degree in dentistry.

Studying Abroad

Nowadays, it is very common for students to look for international universities for higher studies. Studying abroad not only opens multiple opportunities for students to work part-time jobs to finance their education and living expenses, but it also develops various skills required to succeed in life. Students will learn to live by themselves or with a roommate in an international country with people of different backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicity. This not only broadens their thinking and mindset but also helps them in understanding and tolerating disagreements, and different opinions.

If you are considering studying dentistry abroad and are looking for help or guidance regarding this field, you can visit any of our branches and get a free consultation. We will provide complete guidance regarding the dentistry field and make certain that you make the right career choice.

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