Study Art and Design Abroad

What are art and design?

Art and design are subjects related to a creative mindset. A degree in art and design allows a person to use his or her creativity through different mediums such as painting, sculpting, and photography, etc. to create something unique. Students studying arts have a wide range of subjects available to choose from electives for their degree. These diverse electives give students an option to choose the subjects they deem fit for their career and future growth.

Why study art and design?

A simple reason to study for an art degree is that your performance in high school has not been very good. This is because artists do not have a conventional mindset. They are not fond of math or other cramming subjects of their school syllabus, instead, they want to think outside the box and let their imagination run wild. If you have ever been interested in creating or designing new things, then higher education in an art school would be the right decision. A fine arts degree will help you improve and polish your existing art skills.

 When studying at the best arts and design universities, students are taught a variety of subjects and are prepared for multiple careers such as illustration, painting, graphics designing, etc.  This enables the graduates to develop their own work portfolios. A career in this field is also well rewarding because of the unique skill set that an individual brings to the table. There are numerous reasons for pursuing a degree in arts and design and a few of them are listed below:

  • Arts have the power to change the thinking of cultures and one can use this field to positively influence culture and society.
  • Cultural engagement is increased enabling you to create ideas and excel in your work.
  • Arts and design have a variety of subjects and students are given the option to choose multiple majors in the final semester.
  • Universities offer the chance to study some semesters in a foreign university. This enables the student to travel to a different country and explore the world.
  • International travelling can be part of your job in careers such as fashion designing.
  • Numerous job opportunities for graduates of arts and design such as in museums, fashion industry, TV production, teaching etc.

Study Art and Design Abroad:

Getting higher education in the best art and design universities is always beneficial no matter what program you choose as you will be provided with countless opportunities. Studying abroad will give you the chance to get out of your comfort zone. It will allow you to push yourself beyond usual and will greatly influence your artistic nature. Interaction with students of different cultural backgrounds will change your perspective about the world. Exposure to new ideas is extremely beneficial for an artist as it enables different ways to express oneself.

There is no right and wrong when in the field of arts. Everyone has different ideas, and each idea is unique. Students are encouraged to express themselves freely and it boosts their confidence. One of the benefits of studying arts and design from abroad is the variety of options available in bachelor. Some examples include:

  •       Arts and Design
  •       Creative Technology
  •       Fashion Design
  •       Media Studies
  •       Musical and Theatre Art
  •       Graphics Design

Studying art and design from abroad is extremely beneficial as it helps the students to grow in an academic and professional environment. If you are still confused about which art and design degree type to choose for your higher education, you can visit our office for complete guidance regarding art & design degrees. FES higher education consultants have branches throughout the country. We also hold virtual career counseling sessions by our experts to cater for students who are not able to visit us in our office.

Can I study art and design while not being good at drawing?

Drawing & sketching skills can be an added advantage if you are interested in pursuing arts and design degree but it is neither mandatory nor a requirement. Drawing is only a small part of an arts degree and is not even necessary for every specialization, but you will excel in some subjects if you have this skill set. A common misconception about studying art and design abroad is that it will only teach about arts, whereas business-related subjects are also taught as part of the art course. You only need to have a creative mindset to excel in this field.

Job opportunities

Students from art school have a lot of opportunities after graduation. Since most students do not opt for an arts and design degree, students face less competition after graduation and can easily land a job. Graduates have the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of options such as fine arts, fashion designing, illustration, advertising, animator, etc. All these fields have quick career progression and decent salaries.

With the rise in technology, job opportunities have greatly increased for art students. One can easily get recognition for his work via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram etc. Freelance and startup opportunities are greatly increasing, and this also promotes the possibility of an international clients list.

Art and design course entry requirements: 

If you are interested in studying art and design abroad, you need to fulfil the entry requirement of the university. For a postgraduate program, a bachelor’s degree in any field of arts and design is sufficient. Entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree are somewhat different. You need to have completed your high school education (Intermediate / A level) and some universities also require portfolio submission and personal statements.

The portfolio is a collection of your personal work-related arts that you have completed during your previous education or in your free time as a hobby. This shows your interest in the respective field and holds great value in the selection process. The personal statement is a letter of interest you write to the university highlighting your motivation for choosing the course of the respective arts.

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