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Who are Education Consultants?

When a college or university student approaches his or her graduation level, a thought keeps pinching their mind about the next step in their life. Only a few of us are lucky enough to receive proper education guidance and are happy about where we are today, whereas most people are still trying to figure things out. This is where education consultants step in to guide us in choosing a path that would help us in getting ahead of the competition. Education consultants are like guidance counselors who help students and parents regarding their future studies and assist them in choosing a career path.

Higher Education in a Western Country

Nowadays, studying abroad for higher education has become a trend and everyone is trying to secure admission to a high-ranked western university. One of the main reasons is that a bachelor’s or master’s degree is not just about education anymore. Other factors such as environment, culture, research work, number of international students, future employability, etc., also play a major role in defining the university.

Students in Pakistan have realized this fact and are becoming passionate about studying at a foreign university. Their exposure to a multi-cultural and multi-ethnical environment will give them a life-changing experience. It would open up their minds about new ideas and possibilities and will develop such a skill set that would create many professional opportunities.

Why should I choose a Study Abroad Consultant?

Studying abroad in a high-ranked university sounds like a good deal but it is a tedious process. There are various steps such as preparing relevant documentation, IELTS exam, making a statement of purpose, getting admission, visa process, and accommodation. On top of all that, not everyone can afford the high fee structure and living expenses in a foreign country. When all these factors are considered, a sudden realization occurs that help and guidance are required by a study abroad education consultant.

Why FES Education Consultants the best International Education Consultants?

FES Education Consultants are the best higher education consultants who are focused on guiding the students in making the best possible decision about their future. We have offices in Pakistan, UAE, UK, and Malaysia and dealing with top universities in over 18 countries including UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and Turkey. We have partnered with various international universities to expand our network. We provide a complete service package under one roof to our students. These services include career counseling, admission guidance, visa interview preparation, pre, and post-departure support, etc.

Our focus is on the student’s preference about the university, its courses, and programs and we have excellent careers counselors for this very purpose. Our team consists of counselors who have graduated from the University of Michigan, ranked top 23rd university by Times Higher Education, in Education Policy and their only job is to ensure that our students make an informed decision about their future. We also have graduates of top international universities working with us to prepare our students about life in a foreign country, how to get a job, study & work-life balance, and how to successfully land a job after graduation.

IELTS is a mandatory requirement by many international universities, and we offer specialized IELTS coaching classes. After the Covid 19 crisis, we also started virtual IELTS coaching classes to facilitate students during the pandemic. We know about the high fee structure of international universities so we put in extra effort to get you scholarships. We have been providing excellent education consultancy services to our students since 2003 and have helped thousands of students in getting admission at a high-ranked foreign university. All these things give FES the extra advantage and make it the best study abroad consultancy firm in Pakistan.

If you are interested in higher education from an international university and looking for education consultants to assist you in your journey, you should choose the top consultancy firm in Pakistan i.e., FES Higher Education Consultants.

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