Reasons to Choose Turkey for Study

Higher education has become a huge industry especially in western economies. Most countries are investing in this sector in order to become attractive destinations for foreign students. Turkey is one of those countries. Yes, the country that gave the world Ertugul is not only a tourist destination but also an educational one.
In recent years Turkey has become a major tourist destination for a lot of nationalities. People from all over the world visit this destination, the culture, the heritage and Turkish cuisine have all made headlines all over the world. Travellers have added visiting Turkey on a bucket list.
Even though Turkey is a popular tourist destination, not many view it as a destination for higher education. Purpose of this article is to inform you one the good reasons to study in Turkey and reasons to choose this destination
There are two aspects of going abroad for studies. One is the quality of the living experience in the host country and the quality of the education.

10 Reasons to Study in Turkey

Culture: Turkish culture is a mixture of both Europe and Asia. Particularly the middle eastern culture that can be witnessed in countries like Jordan and Lebanon. This sort of cocktail of culture makes an environment where both cultures can assimilate easily. There is no cultural requirement to consume alcohol, if you don’t want to it is perfectly fine, you want to go pray five times a day by all means go ahead. This makes Turkey a worthwhile place to live in during your studies. This makes Turkey an easy place to settle down in.

English: Due to the tourist friendly nature of the economy, the majority of the population is comfortable with the idea of speaking english. This doesn’t mean the entire population speaks fluent English, this simply means that the locals are open to speaking in English and do not hesitate to make an attempt to communicate with you.

Friendly Locals: Turks are known to be very friendly people. They are famous for their hospitality. This not only helps you navigate through society easily but also through your academic experience as well.
Weather: Being a mediterranean country Turkey promises a near perfect climate. The summer is not too hot and the winters are not exactly too harsh.

Accomodation: For international students it is easy to find affordable housing. Students can easily find all sorts of accommodations. Each price range will offer a variety of good options. This can be one of the major reasons to choose Turkey as a destination for your academic ambitions.

Cheap: Compared to Europe, Turkey offers a quality lifestyle for less money. This makes Turkey an ideal destination for the students with a tight budget. Not only that the value for money in terms of quality and overall education experience makes it an option to consider.

Transportation: Turkey is not only well connected with Pakistan but also with the rest of the world. Within Turkey travelling is easy and affordable. Students can easily access public transport systems in each major city. This makes it easier for people to navigate their way around the country and makes the settling down process a bit easier.

Clean: Turkey provides a clean environment, The pollution levels are relatively low enabling students to really experience the country in the best way possible. The clean environment provides students with great opportunities to travel around the beautiful country and experience the rich cultural and historical heritage of Turkey.

Safe: Being a tourist heavy country Turkish law enforcement agencies have built an apparatus that keeps the crie low, especially in urban areas. Incidents of mugging, theft and violent crime are relatively low and the country does enjoy a safe environment.

Food: For students from Pakistan, one of the best things about Turkey is the access to halal food. Unlike other countries where students have little halal options, Turkey provides an exquisite range of halal options. This makes it easier to live, enjoy and integrate with the locals as well, a problem faced by many students in western Europe.
All the above make Turkey a great destination to call home for the duration of your studies. But the question still remains, what are universities like? What are the reasons to study in Turkey? How popular of a destination is it for international students?

Why Study in Turkey?

Faculty: Turkish universities are investing in highly qualified faculty members. Qualified individuals from prestigious universities have started to look towards Turkey as a destination to develop their careers. This is the reason why a lot of well qualified faculty members have joined Turkish universities. The quality of the faculty makes the programs and courses exciting and also brings in options of English courses.

Campus: Another great reason to study in Turkey is the quality of the campus life and experience offered by the majority of the Turkish universities. Just like the Turkish hospitality industry invested in the latest facilities in order to attract tourists, the higher education sector of Turkey has invested quite a lot of funds into the quality and make up of their campus facilities and life. Both private and public universities in Turkey have made great strides in this sector. Campus life and facilities is actually one major reason to study in Turkey, because if you compare it to the cost then it is genuinely an experience worth your while.

Improving Standards: As the Turkish economy consistently improves and provides better living standards to the average Turkish citizen, the higher education sector also improves its standards of teaching, facilities and overall ranking as well. Making Turkey a desirable destination to choose for Pakistani students wanting to attain a higher education.

Availability of Courses: Turkish universities offer a wide range of courses and programs. In fact the range is so wide it can be a bit difficult for students to choose which major or program to enrol into. It is wise to ask for help when confused.

Recognised in Europe: Majority of the academic qualifications are recognised in Europe, this is due to the fact that the Turkish higher education sector is matching the standards and requirements of European higher education regulators.
Over the years Turkey has become a major player in the world economy and now as it looks to become a major player in the field of higher education, it is slowly becoming a very popular destination for international students.

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