Part Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Having part-time work to offset living and educational expenses is one of the best aspects about being an international student in Canada.

Great employment prospects are crucial since Canada, like the USA, may occasionally be expensive.

There are many well-paying part-time jobs accessible that you may accomplish during your evenings, weekends, and school breaks, regardless of what sort of successful genius you want to be—a doctor, lawyer, engineer (here are 7 engineering jobs in Canada that earn over $50,000).

Therefore, to assist you in leading a more financially secure existence while you are a student, we have done the research, perused the job boards, compared the compensation, and emerged with an impressive list of the highest paying part-time jobs for international students in Canada.

However, there are a few prerequisites you must meet in order to be considered for that position, so let’s look at those first.

Getting a job in Canada as an international student

First things first: can an international student legally work in Canada? Yes, even without a formal work permit, you are permitted to work on or off campus. However, there are several things you need to be aware of before beginning.

To begin with, you must be registered as a full-time international student, which requires that you have a current study permission. Second, you cannot begin working before your studies have begun. Once your studies are complete, you must apply for a work permit to continue.

Additionally, during the ordinary academic year, international students are only permitted to work a maximum of 20 hours per week; however, during breaks, they are permitted to work up to full-time hours.

This shouldn’t be a problem, though, as you’ll probably spend 15 to 20 hours a week in class and have plenty of extracurricular studying to complete. Additionally, it would be good to have some free time to socialise, unwind, and simply enjoy life!

Okay, now that we’ve established that you can work in Canada, let’s move on to those lucrative positions.

Highest paying part-time jobs for international students in Canada 2022

In Canada, the minimum salary for students is approximately CA$13 (it changes a little from state to state). The most common part-time occupations frequently pay close to the minimum wage, as is the case in every country, but we’ve made an effort to locate ones that do.

  1. Waiter (Average CA$13 per hour)
  2. Sales person (Average CA$14 per hour)
  3. Barista (Average CA$14 per hour)
  4. Dog walker (Average CA$15 per hour)
  5. Tutor (Average CA$16 per hour)
  6. Ride sharing/ delivery driver (Average CA$19 per hour)
1. Waiter

Although it isn’t the highest paying job in Canada per hour, keep those suggestions in mind! A 15-20% tip is typical in Canada, thus tending bar or working as a server in a restaurant can be wonderful jobs that might pay you hundreds or even over $1,000 per week!

2. Sales assistant

A fantastic employment for the weekends when city and town centres are bustling with people shopping. The pace of the job will obviously vary depending on where you work, from a clothing boutique to a corner store to a supermarket.

In either case, the income is consistent, and some sales assistants even receive tiny commissions on their successful sales!

3. Barista

On the hourly pay scale, it is more than bartending or waiting, but the tips aren’t as good. Having saying that, how to make outstanding coffee is not the most challenging task.

Additionally, if you work the early shift, you’ll witness folks practically go from sleepy to caffeinated in only one cup.

4. Dog walker

I still consider this to be my dream job. People today are willing to pay others to walk their dog because they are so busy with their daily life. Crazy, but in a nice way. You may apply to a lot of dog walking companies or start your own business.

If you decide to do the latter, keep in mind that you might need to submit an application for a municipal licence if you reside in a large city. It’s usually a quick process that you can set up on Google; after that, all you need to do is identify consumers, gather your dogs, and hit the streets!

5. Tutor

Which tutor? whatever it is you excel at! Perhaps you excelled in math, science, or any other subject in school. You could put your abilities to use by working sporadically with elementary or high school students.

Although you are free to set your own rates (more or less), the typical tutor in Canada earns roughly $16 per hour. Although you’ll need to be creative in your search for pupils, your chances are better than average these days because to the influence of social media.

6. Ride sharing driver / delivery driver

One of the most sought-after part-time occupations worldwide is driving for companies like Uber or Lyft. The hours are flexible, and the income is excellent.

The only problem is that you need a car (aside from maybe unfriendly customers). Therefore, you might wish to think about working as a bicycle courier. Bicycle meal delivery services, like UberEATs, are available in most major cities. Although the salary is frequently less than that of operating a car (about $17 per hour), hey, a bicycle is much less expensive than a car!

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