Live the Aussie dream

Are you about to end your high-school? Have you recently graduated and thinking about pursuing a foreign degree? Do you aspire to study abroad? Pause! Pack your bags and get ready for the most rewarding experience of your lifetime in Australia; there is arguably no better place to study than the best education powerhouse of the world. Australia is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations because it hosts more than six of the highly-ranked universities of the world. These study abroad programmes in Australia open endless doors of opportunities for international students.

Australia loves to welcome international students and you would australiamapnot be surprised to know that approximately more than 500,000 international students decided to get enrolled in Australian universities in the previous year; this speaks volumes about the quality of education they offer. The Australian universities cater to all the aspiring students by offering numerous undergraduate and graduate degree options to them. The study abroad stay in Australia of our Pakistani students becomes easier because of the diverse Australian culture, and similarly, it helps our students to adapt to the Australian lifestyle both culturally and linguistically.

Australia offers myriad facilities to students planning to make Australia their study abroad destination by being comparatively cheaper than the United States and the United Kingdom. The low cost of tuition along with the considerably lower living expenses makes Australia the best available choice to the Pakistani students wishing to study abroad. Other than that, Pakistani students can also avail the advantage of working part-time and simultaneously gain work experience during their study abroad stay in Australia. The Australian qualification gives you extra brownie points while landing a job back in your home country and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd due to the fact that Pakistan has an immense preference and job market for foreign degrees.

utasWe at FES are pretty sure that by now you must be planning to catch the first available flight to Australia, but at the same time you must be confused regarding your university choice; do not fret about it, our consultants for higher education abroad have chosen the University of Tasmania as the best possible option for you.Australia boasts the historical and globally renowned University of Tasmania, dating back a century and a half. Being one of the oldest universities in Australia, UTAS provides a wide array of courses to its students.

The University of Tasmania is among the top 2% of the international universities because of its excellence in teaching, research as well as their high calibre and standard of education. The University of Tasmania takes pride in providing financial support and scholarships to the international undergraduate and graduate students. UTAS is definitely the best study abroad option and ticks all the right boxes as it is committed to develop future global leaders. Tasmania is the best of both worlds of vibrant lifestyle as well as its serene beauty and nature, which means that you will never have a dull moment when you’re not studying.

It is time to soak up the lifestyle of the land Down Under and bring back countless memories to your home country. Ta mates!

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