Fulbright Scholarship – Things You Need To Know

Are you a student with a GPA above 3.2? Wish to gain a multicultural exposure at an international level? Have the desire to up your game in the corporate sector? Need several opportunities for hands-on experience? Looking for a study abroad scholarship? If you have ticked all the boxes then you have clicked on the right tab because FES, accredited representatives in Pakistan, have got you covered as we would help you achieve your dream top study abroad scholarship programme, the Fulbright Scholarship program.

The sought-after Fulbright Scholarship is considered to be the most prestigious as well as the oldest scholarships throughout the world. It is currently operating in more than 155 countries, and is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. The scholarship program awards 1700 student grants annually, with 150 scholarships for Pakistan alone.

A Fulbright Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship in which all the costs including travel cost, tuition fee, books as well as three conferences are covered by the committee. So basically, you hardly spend any money and still attain a world-class degree. The committee selects the talented top performers from all the backgrounds without any discrimination and places them in any top US university, consequently helping them stay globally-relevant.

Once you submit your scholarship application, there is an interview to follow, sometime around the month of October in the same year. Be prepared for subjective interviews as opposed to your application and essays because there have been cases where competent students have been rejected. The selected students are then required to submit their TOEFL test scores (try to score 100+). Students are also required to sign a bond where they have to give an undertaking that they would return to their homeland and serve there for two years once their Fulbright scholarship degree is complete. So bear in mind that this scholarship would not be a perfect choice for you if you wish to pursue employment in the States.

The deadline for this year’s Fulbright Scholarship 2020 is the 15th of May and in order to apply for a Fulbright scholarship, you must meet a few eligibility requirements. You must hold at least a B.A qualification and proficiency in English. All those students / professionals, who have completed their PhD, unfortunately are not eligible to apply for this scholarship; but don’t be despondent, there’s good news for those of you who are in the middle of your PhD research, all of you can surely submit your applications.

In order to increase the chances of obtaining this coveted scholarship, you better not waste a minute more. You cannot afford to leave it for the eleventh hour as it is clearly reflected in your application. Go through every minute detail, double check all the information you provide. Write; in fact rewrite your essays again and again, so it is absolutely perfect without errors. GRE (a score of 155 or more along with 3.5 in the analytical section) is also an important aspect for the acceptance and consideration of the application. Apart from GRE, reference letters from your advisors or supervisors also matter a lot.

Now that you all have a clear picture about the Fulbright scholarship program, let’s now come to the breaking news. As usual FES is yet again proud to announce its Premium venture. FES Premium is our sister organisation with the sole objective of helping Fulbright applicants get fully-funded scholarships in Ivy League universities in the United States. Our FES admission representatives would also assist you in writing personal statements and essays. If you haven’t understood something, you can always come to our office and we will happily provide you further assistance.

Although the whole process is long but it is surely worth the wait. Hope this information provides clarity to your decision and helps you decide the best future course of action for you.

Best of luck!

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