Famous Cities To Study Abroad in Canada

Canada is probably one of the politest nations on earth and probably one of the coldest (but only in terms of temperature). Canada has become an ideal location for international students. The universities of Canada offer some of the highest standards in the world. Their universities specialise in providing both a quality academic and campus experience.

However, there is more to the life of an international student than professors and campus life. International students can be termed as “long- term” tourists. People who are not only going to another city or town but also going to call it home for a considerable time period. This makes the quality of life a very serious aspect of university applications.

Before you choose to analyse a city you need to know what exactly to look for. We’ve compiled a list of factors to consider when analysing a city:

  1. Security: Your safety is of the utmost importance. It should not be compromised. WHen planning to look at various cities in Canada you need to make sure the security aspect is looked at. As you are unfamiliar with the area, you must ensure that you are safe, what makes a city safe, well essentially it is low crime. But you should educate yourself on the legal aspects of crime, the statistics and news reports of recent events which will show you an accurate picture.
  2. Student Employment: Working while you study is something you will need to do for better management of funds. This is why you need to look at the employment prospects for students. Majority of international students in Canada work. So when choosing from various cities in Canada you need to take into consideration the size of the economy, the number of restaurants and also online job vacancies for part time work.
  3. Lifestyle: You need to make yourself comfortable with the type of lifestyle various cities might have. Some cities in Canada are fast paced commercial hubs and others have amore slow approach to life. There is no such thing as the best city in Canada, it is just the city that suits you the most. YOu need to make sure the city offers you the best possible match with your lifestyle.
  4. People of the City: To a foreign student, the neighbourhood is really important. Because the student will be interacting with the most people. The city’s residents should be warm and hospitable. So that they can assist in the event of an emergency.
  5. Living Cost: As a student you will be on a limited budget and you will have to a strong estimate of the amount of money you will be spending in a month. This is precisely why you need to look at the cost of living of various cities in Canada. Aspects you need to consider are rents, public transport, groceries, and utilities.

What is the best city in Canada for international students?

Below are some of the most popular cities and highly ranked cities of Canada. These cities are considered to be some of the best cities in Canada for students.


Every year, around 350,000 students travel to Montreal in search of an education. The city is home to many prestigious universities. McGill University, which is ranked number 24 in the world, calls Montreal its home. The city is known for its festivals, nightlife and entertainment.

A multilingual and multicultural city, Montreal is popularly known as the ‘cultural capital’ of Canada. It is considered to be one of the best cities in Canada for international students, ranked right at the top with cities like Berlin. Moving around the city is extremely convenient thanks to its public transport system which is on par with some of the best systems in the world. Not only that, the system is affordable and easy to use. It is also one of the most bicycle friendly places on earth making it easier for students to carry out part time delivery work. Getting a part-time job in Montreal is no big deal! It is one of the most well-employed cities. Montreal is home to numerous ethnicities and cultures. This makes it a very friendly destination for international students in Canada. Asians, Latinos, Indians, Caribbean, Africans and Pakistanis all are part of this city which makes it easier for Pakistani students wanting to go to Canada. The city is also home to plenty of Halal Options as well. McGill University, Concordia University and the University of Montreal are just some of the big names which occupy Montreal. Making this city a very famous city in Canada for international students.

Factors that make Montreal the most Student-Friendly City:

  1. Ease of Transportation
  • The city boasts excellent public transportation that is both accessible and economical.
  • There are more than 50 metro stations and 200 bus lines.
  • A single ride costs CAD 3.25.
  • A CAD 5 night out permit is required.
  • Tickets and Opus cards are accepted on buses.
  • Students can use Bixi bikes to explore the city.
  1. Montreal is the 17th safest city in the world
  2. There are numerous job openings for students. Language, on the other hand, can be a hurdle for those who do not speak French.
  3. Montreal, according to students, is a welcoming and cheap city. They like this city because of its culture, gastronomy, ethnicity, and


  1. Monthly cost of living is affordable.
  • Apartment Rent (1 Bedroom)- CAD 709-1050
  • 3-Course Meal- CAD 60
  • Transportation- CAD 85


Vancouver is one of Canada’s most costly cities. However, it is ranked 17th among the world’s most student-friendly cities. The city is noted for its enthralling natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere.

  • Vancouver has the highest cost of living in Canada but the QS rating states it is the 16th best city for students
  • It also is a multicultural city with a large population of Irish and Scottish immigrants; people are friendly, and the place has some ethereally beautiful natural places
  • It offers attractive employment opportunities to students and the emoluments are usually quite lucrative

When talking about the best cities in Canada for international students one cannot forget Vancouver. University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, etc. are some of the best places to study in Vancouver.

Vancouver is one of Canada’s most costly cities. However, it is ranked 17th among the world’s most student-friendly cities. It is known for the natural beauty and lovely environment.

Factors that make Vancouver one of the Most Student-Friendly Cities:

  1. The majority of students are European Canadians, with Chinese students following closely. The crowd is super friendly and adds to the lovely atmosphere of the city.
  2. Ease of Transportation:
  • Rapid Transit (through trains) – Rapid trains
  • Buses – A coast mountain bus operates Translink bus services
  • SeaBus – City’s passenger’s ferry
  • West Coast Express – City’s commuter rail service
  1. Shootings, muggings, and murders are uncommon. Making it a very safe city to call home.
  2. The city offers a wide range of employment options for students. Due to the relatively higher cost of living in Vancouver the wages and salaries are also relatively higher.
  3. Vancouver, according to students, is a culturally rich city that provides world-class education. The standard of living is good, and career prospects are many.
  4. Monthly Cost of Living:
  • Apartment Rent (1 Bedroom)- CAD 1900-3000
  • 3-Course Meal- CAD 80
  • Transportation- CAD 109


International students make about 17% of the student body at Toronto’s universities. Toronto is Canada’s cultural capital. The city is home to many festivals and historical sites. There is a large Indian/desi community which lives in Toronto. The city is home to many desi eateries with plenty of halal food options as well. This makes Toronto one of the best cities in Canada for Pakistani students.

  • 17% of the student population in Toronto comprises international students
  • Being one of the most multicultural cities in the world, around 140 languages are spoken here (can you believe that?)
  • It is a safe city and offers fairly good employment opportunities (Though there is a decrease in the employment rate, graduate students are still in demand)
  • This city is famous for its historical monuments as well as food festivals
  • Being the most populous city in Canada, it has a high living cost because of the housing conditions. However, a handsome compensation makes up for it

The high ranking University of Toronto attracts a lot of international students.

Factors that make Toronto one of the Best Cities for International Students in Canada:

  1. It is the world’s most multicultural city. India/desi, China, the United Kingdom, and Ireland form a sizable cultural component in the city.
  2. Ease of Transportation: Within the city, the Transport Commission operates subways, streetcars, and buses. The cost of transportation is CAD
  3. The transport pass was CAD 133.75, whereas the daily pass was CAD 11.
  4. On the safety index, Toronto is ranked 81 percent safe. Making it a safe city
  5. Students have access to a variety of job options in the city.
  6. Toronto, Canada’s largest city with a population of 3 million, attracts a higher number of students than other Canadian cities. Students find Toronto to be culturally diverse. They have access to schooling as well as a variety of job possibilities to help them support themselves.
  7. Monthly cost of living:
  • Apartment Rent (1 Bedroom)- CAD 2020
  • 3-Course Meal- CAD 75
  • Transportation- CAD 103

Quebec City

Quebec City, the capital of the French-speaking province of canada. It is said to have amazing architecture, making the city look like Europe. Termed as a vibrant city that hosts numerous festivals. The Winter Carnival over there is the largest festival, and it features a variety of winter activities. Good news for international students is that it is also one of the cheapest options to live in Canada.

Salient features of the city:

  • A French-speaking city, which gets most visitors from around the world. Not many people speak English here but when it comes to universities, the medium of instruction is mostly English
  • It is the second-largest metropolitan area after Montreal and is an extremely safe place
  • People are friendly, quite liberal and cases of public violence are rare
  • It has the lowest unemployment rate among all the cities in Canada
  • From buses and taxis to ferries and two-wheelers, the city offers several transport modes
  • When it comes to the cost of living, Quebec is quite affordable and offers good education at the lowest price possible
  • The universities are well equipped and have state-of-the-art laboratories, sports grounds and multi-purpose halls

Bishop’s University is one of the famous English-speaking universities in Quebec City.

With so many benefits most of the cities in Canada attract a good number of international students . However, it is imperative to do a deep dive to figure out which city will suit you the best.

Factors that make Quebec City one of the Best Cities for International Students in Canada:

1 After Montreal, Quebec City is the second largest metropolitan area. In Quebec City, 88 percent of pupils speak French.

  1. Public transport is a highly recommended mode of transport. Daily, 350,000 people travel through the city. Quebec City is also bike-friendly and has a bike path of more than 170 km. Different modes of transport in Quebec City – cars, buses (CAD 3), taxis (CAD 1.70 per 0.6 miles), bicycles, ferries, and two-wheelers.
  2. Quebec City is a very safe place to visit.
  3. The city has the lowest unemployment rate among all Canadian cities. There is no scarcity of career options, and students have many of them.
  4. Quebec City, according to students, provides an exceptional education that is both affordable and accessible. Laboratories, sports fields, and performance halls are all available at the universities.
  5. Monthly cost of living:
  • Apartment Rent (1 Bedroom)- CAD 525-700
  • 3-Course Meal- CAD 60
  • Transportation- CAD 87

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