Do You Want to Get an Australian Permanent Residency?

Australia is a very popular destination for people who want to go abroad, and if you’re thinking about becoming an Australian permanent resident, you presumably already know that the process entails choosing the best visa for your situation. A lot of Pakistani students want to settle in Australia after completing their studies.
Your journey to becoming an Australian permanent resident starts off with a student visa. This is something you need to think about before you start any sort of process. Below are things you need to do in order to ensure your future prospects in Australia are bright
Pick the right degree: Most of the times Pakistani students just want to go abroad and that is it. This is all they think of. They will pick any degree to enrol into any university as long as it gets them to go abroad. The problem with this approach is that it’s a very short term approach. You see the journey to PR in Australia begins right after your graduation. The degree you graduate in will be the deciding factor whether or not you will be able to attain a work visa, whether or not you will be able to be sponsored by an employer or whether or not you get to stay in urban areas of the Australian coast line.
At Least 2 years duration: The degree you pick needs to be at least two years long. This will enable you to apply for a post study work visa right after your graduation.
Check the ANZSCO jobs list: This is a list of professionals and the number of points each professional qualification requires in order to attain a PR.
These three things are absolutely necessary to do before you apply for a university program.
Another aspect you really have to take into consideration is the English proficiency test. A test like IELTS would help you attain a lot of benefits in the immigration process. Australia requires that you do have the decent ability to communicate, in english and comprehend the english language. That is why all test check a candidates ability to communicate (writing skills, speaking skills) and understand (listening, reading)

What Visa Types Lead to Australian Permanent Residency?
The below visas are permanent visas with a direct pathway to Australian permanent residency:
189 Visa to PR:
190 Visa to PR
Direct entry 186 Visa to PR
Partner Visa to PR
Child Visa to PR
All of these visas have particular conditions and points requirements. For example the partner Visa to PR requires you to prove a relationship, and requires your partner to also be a PR holder. Each visas requirement can be checked and assessed thoroughly on the Australian governments website ( .
The below visas are temporary but have a pathway to PR after 3 years:
482 Visa to PR – for Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) occupations
494 Visa to PR
491 Visa to PR
457 Visa to PR
The above visas are temporary visas. These allow students to work in Australia for a temporary basis. Each visa has its own duration and requirements of eligibility. The idea is very simple: if you cannot apply for a PR, you try to get yourself one of these visas to get vital work experience. The amount of work experience in your relevant field will help you get points which in turn support your future PR application.
The Benefits of Becoming an Australian Permanent Resident
As a permanent resident of Australia, you generally can:
remain in Australia indefinitely
work and study in Australia
enrol in Australia’s national health scheme,
apply for bank loans to buy property
sponsor eligible relatives for permanent residence
apply for Australian citizenship, if eligible
travel to and from Australia for as long as your travel facility permits. Please see Overseas travel as a permanent resident.
attend free English language classes provided by the
work in New Zealand
What Can’t Australian PR Do?
Unlike Australian citizens, a permanent resident generally cannot:
have an Australian passport
vote in Australian Government elections unless you enrolled (as a British subject) before 26 January 1984
access student loans
join the Australian Defence Force
obtain ongoing work in the Australian Government
return to Australia from overseas without a valid travel facility (you do not have automatic right of entry to Australia).
Choose Australian Skilled Migration for All Your Permanent Residency Needs
Despite the fact that a lot of people are successful in obtaining visas to live and work in Australia each year, the process is usually unpleasant and challenging. It is always a wise choice for maximum peace of mind to work with an immigration specialist who can assess your unique situation and advise you on the best course of action for you and your family.
We at FES provide you the right pathway of PR through our student consultations. The student visa is usually the first step for the majority of the applicants. Therefore it is important to attain your true potential and the right path for PR through professional consultations.

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