Pre Departure Orientation

Pre Departure Orientation

We provide comprehensive support to the student and guide on different aspects necessary for a student. FES consultants support students in booking an air ticket, enrollment in the desired university, accommodation, and pick and drop from the airport.

FES Higher Education Consultants help their students by giving pre-departure guidance about do’s and don’ts and support them morally and mentally.

We have a complete pre-departure orientation session in which our counselors guide the students and prepare them. Like, all the students’ queries regarding accommodations and ticket booking are answered. FES gives a solution to issues they are facing in the process. Our experts remove confusions of students regarding their departure and help them in building confidence.

Applicants are guided on what essential items to take along, medical supplies, and how many hours they can work, how and where food of their cultural liking can be eaten. It is imperative that the student attend these orientation sessions, as it is important to know how to pack, what to pack, where to get the essential commodities and where to eat most economically and how to clear the immigration of the country applied to.