Career Counseling

When one talks about career counseling, many questions comes to mind. Should one looks for career guidance services? Would it help in making the right choices? Would it create avenues for the student or should we apply direct? Most importantly who should be consulted as there are many career counselors in Pakistan?

The most important thing to understand is why we need a Career Counselor? What are the courses that we can take with our current educational qualification? What is the career goal in mind? What financial implications in terms of university dues and staying in the university would we be looking at?

Many students apply online and are totally unaware of the options available to them. Some are able to procure a seat but are unable to complete the requirements, whereas some get rejected in the first instance. The career counselor here can make the difference you want. They not only assess your present skills, qualifications and finances but are also able to cross-check and provide you option of two or more universities that meet your requirement. They are also in a position to assist the parents, assure those who are uncertain about sending their child for further studies, provide a breakdown of the cost of tuition fee, living expenses, and reserving a hostel space or a home for a student who does not want to reside in the hostels. Lastly, but not least the visa file is compiled by them, and then the departure briefing is given to the prospective students.

Who is a Career Counselor?

A career counselor is a professional trainer who helps people with their degree selection choices, admission guidance, career direction, and life decisions. Whether the person is about to choose a major in studies or switching a job, a counselor will guide them in the best possible direction.
Building trust and confidence in the student and parent is one of the counselor’s foremost responsibilities. FES Higher Education Counselors the top educational consultants in Pakistan engages highly trained and professional career guidance counselors who are trained in all aspects of admission.

Who Needs Career Counseling?

Career counseling is essential for every student who is unsure what career to choose. How the existing qualifications match your desired career goals, what further courses one can take to ensure future admission. Anyone, at any stage in life can seek counseling whether as a freshman, a senior, and also for someone who wants to switch from one line of study to another.

The perfect timing to seek career counseling is when you are in school because students in Pakistan aren’t aware of the opportunities. The students can do an online quiz or fill out a form and have it assessed by a career counselor. The best way to move forth is to consult a counselor online or visit them in person. So if you are confused about which university or college to select, what to study, if you should study in one of the local universities or go abroad for higher education, it would be best to get in touch with our counselor or educational consultant to assist you

Why Choose FES?

FES under its ambit apart from other facilities offers career counseling consultation services to students who want to study abroad for higher education. We have a team of qualified counselors who are always available for career guidance. The objective of FES career guidance counselors is to make sure that students choose the right paths which are beneficial for their careers. We have over 10,000 students studying abroad, and our success ratio is more than 90%. If uncertain about your choice, or unable to decide, allow our professionally trained counselors to assist you in the best possible manner.