Appeals and Review

Visa Appeal

When the country you are applying for, refuses a student visa and the student appeals to the tribunal to reconsider, it is known as a visa rejection appeal.  Mostly, visas are denied when students do not have proper guidance or do not have their documents in order.  FES Higher Education Consultants are considered experts in making visa files which reduces the chances of refusal. Our visa assistance team is specifically trained and experts in dealing with applications.

Common Mistakes for Visa Rejection:

According to research, Pakistan is amongst the top 5 countries with a high refusal rate of student visas. More than 4 out of 10 study abroad visa applications are refused in Pakistan. The reason may be anything as small as a typo error or as big as an incomplete application or fraudulent documentation.

Students make common mistakes while applying for a study visa. Being unaware of all the requirements and procedure the student at times unconsciously omits an important document, misquotes or is unable to accumulate the documents in a self-explanatory manner.  FES Higher Education Consultants have qualified counselors, who not only guide but also compile the visa file in accordance with the requirements that shows professionalism and is accepted with minimal rejection. There are no shortcuts to getting a visa; sometimes, students must ensure never to make fraudulent documents as the University crosschecks them. Consequently, the students must meet the university’s requirements, which could be a major reason for rejection.

Why Choose FES:

To avoid refusal, FES Higher Education Counselors guide the students throughout the whole procedure, making the visa file, in order to minimize the chances of rejection. At FES we have specialized visa review consultants who assist students to file a visa appeal and review petition. Rest assured with FES you need to entrust and then wait to be on the pathway of your designated course in your selected country. Why wait? Call us to book your consultation now, and no longer worry about the visa application.